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Old Fashioned Pine Tar Soap

The base of the natural product is pine tar, the remedy that our ancestors used to treat illnesses and heal wounds. It’s famous for an antibacterial, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory effect. Now the ingredient is commonly used to cleanse the skin and keep it healthy.

Pine Tar Soap by Mandala Touch is soft and delicate enough for your face, but also bathing, showering, deodorization shaving, and shampooing. The product is perfect for greasy skin as it has a matting effect, removes grease for a long time, softly dries and cures rashes and acne.

Like any product in our store, the Old Fashioned Pine Tar Soap is excellent for your mental health, too. A strong pine scent helps to switch off and forget about all your chores. If you suffer from insomnia, the magic smell of pine will help you to relax before going to bed and fall asleep sooner.

Plastic-free, vegan, and made with love for you!


Coconut oil, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, olive oil, pine tar, castor oil, activated charcoal.