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Peace,Love and Happiness Gift Set


One of the ways to express love and tenderness is caring about the person’s soul & body. Surprise your friend, parent, or a significant one with a Mandala Touch gift set. Pamper yourself too! We provide three sets with natural origin and eco-friendly packages.

Peace set, the first one, is a perfect remedy for those who need to relax, reduce stress, and get rid of anxiety. It includes Mint Soap, Throat Lotion, and Mint Lip Balm. Each product contains mint that takes the stress off and helps to focus on positive vibes. 

Love set would be an awesome gift for your soulmate. Make their day with handmade Rose Garden Soap, Heart Lotion Bar, and Raspberry Lip Balm. The gentle fragrance of cosmetics evokes the most romantic and pleasant memories. 

Happiness gift set, the last one, includes Lemongrass Soap, Solar-Plexus Lotion Bar, and  Vanilla Lip Balm. An amazing smell makes you switch into the most delightful days of your life. Natural components gently treat your skin, making it smooth and beautiful. Smile, keep dreaming, and enjoy wonderful times whatever happens in your life.

Handmade cosmetics by Mandala Touch perfectly handles sensitive, irritated, and damaged skin. Natural ingredients deliver long-term smoothening and healing effects. Don’t worry about the environment. The packaging is plastic-free and eco-friendly — wash it and use it for your needs.