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Cool Reusable Tote Bag

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Multiple purpose bag: This bag will replace all your other bags. Take it to the library, beach, grocery shopping, yoga, or gym. 

100% Eco-friendly: Keep our Earth and our precious resources in mind with our bag, which is made from biodegradable material -100% cotton and printed with water-based ink. 

Make your impact on the World and reduce the usage of plastic bags! Stylish & durable. Stylish & durable. Sturdy, 100% cotton sturdy bag with a trendy green-themed patent art print - the bicycle. 

Convenient and handy: Folds flat and fits almost anywhere, glove compartment, purse or even your pocket to always travel with you and be used when needed. 

Great gift: This bag is a great choice for your family members or friends for holidays or birthdays or any other occasion.

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