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Wooden Soap Dish

People who have adopted a zero-waste lifestyle are all about natural stuff. Oceans are filled with plastic garbage, which will remain there for ages. Buying things that can’t be reused or recycled is not the best idea nowadays. 

So why don’t we replace plastic products with natural copies? Wooden crafts are perfect for this aim! They don’t harm the planet and don’t emit harmful components (like plastic items do).

Wooden Soap Dish by Mandala Touch is made of 100% natural material. The soap container has holes for removing water, so they don’t allow moisture to increase. It’s easy to clean and store — just leave it on the edge of your bathtub or washbasin. The wooden accessory allows saving your soap better and hence enjoy it longer. 

One more piece of advice: combine this Soap Dish with other wooden elements and enjoy the natural look of your bathroom.